• kennethraykennethray September 2011
    The launching of the 3-day commemoration of the Tricentennial Death Anniversary of Mother Francisca del Espiritu Santo de Fuentes held on August 6, 2011 at SM City Taytay Event Center turn into success. By the help of all the staffs, teachers, professors, and administrators together with the support of all the students and the community, this was continuously celebrated on the following day with great joy and pride. More so, when the third and last day of celebration arrived. This became the most significant day to us as Filipinos and as Dominicans.

    On the third day, the College Department grabbed the chance to hold their yearly Linggo ng Wika celebration. The preparations were evidently seen by the exquisite nationalistic theme of the stage as well as by the patriotic attires of the hosts and participants. The Event Center was filled with students and other viewers. The Paligsahan sa Sabayang Pagbigkas, concluding mass, and final ceremonies were the main events on that day. The crowd was seem to be interested and excited on what would happened to the competition they anticipated and the succeeding programs they also looked forward to.

    The Paligsahan sa Sabayang Pagbigkas is a yearly competition organized by the Filipino Department in coordination with the Theater Arts Club. This club is moderated by Gng. Amelia Cruz, a college professor. The said competition is yearly participated by the Freshmen from all different college departments in fulfillment to their Filipino subject. This year’s competing piece was a poem about Francisca de Manila.

    The program began at around eleven o’clock noon. This was opened by introducing the hosts of the Sabayang Pagbigkas competition namely JoanEstacquio and Kyle. Followed by the opening remarks of Gng. Amelia Cruz. And then the introduction of the judges composing of Mr. Philip Punzalan (College Guidance Counselor), Dr. Epimaco Fulgencio, Jr. (College professor), Mr. Felipe Gan (College professor), and Ms. Lucero (BED teacher).

    The competition finally began when the first group, the IHM – 1B were called. They were wearing traditional costumes. Next to them was the CEIT students who was overrun by men and were having the most developed and formed voice among all the contestants. Then, the BSBA students who were all wearing uniform costumes with black and white motif. It was followed by an intermission number by Mr. Gilbert Reyes singing Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin.Subsequently, the fourth group who were the IHM – 1A performed having a creative face paint and were wearing purely black costumes. Next, were the group of IHM – 1C and then the BSE who surprised the audience with their performance. Lastly, was the group of Student Assistants and Religious Education students (S.A. & R.E.) who were predictably the winner because they had many props; they were all synchronized; there were no dull moments; and they were undeniably well-prepared. After all the groups’ performances, another intermission numbers from Siena Dance Troupe (modern dance), Rythmics Dance Company (folk dance) mesmerized the audience specially the performance of Gng. Cruz who sang Paano Kita Mapapsalamatan which astonished every person at the Event Center.

    Consequently, all the judges were given an Award of Appreciation. And the winners were finally announced as follow:
    7th prize: IHM – 1C (78.25%)
    6th prize: BSE ()
    5th prize: CEIT (85.75%)
    4th prize: IHM – 1A (86.50%)
    3rd prize: BSBA (86.75%)
    2nd prize: IHM – 1B (91.10%)
    1st prize: S.A. & R.E. (97.00%)
    The champion, S.A. & R.E., got a Php10, 000.00 cash prize and they performed once again as the program ended up.

    After that, a mass dedicated for Saint Dominic, was celebrated at around three o’clock in the afternoon. Later than that, there was a dance number performed by the preparatory pupils. All the boys interpreted the Dominic song and they were wearing priest costumes. Likewise, the little Francisca girls who were wearing nun costumes interpreted the Francisca de Manila song. The mass was presided by Fr. Eugene Flores. In his homily, he discussed briefly Saint Dominic’s rousing life, notable works, and charity. He encouraged everybody especially the students and pupils to pray and live accordingly to the life and works of Saint Dominic because apparently we are in a Dominican institution.

    The entire program came to an end with a thanksgiving headed by Ms. Rosario Belmi. She took that opportunity to thank all who supported the Tricentennial Death Anniversary of Mother Francisca from the first until the third and last day of celebration. She cited the students, pupils, staffs, teachers, professors, administrators especially Siena College sisters, concerned individuals, participants, and those who came over to catch a glimpse of the programs and the exhibit.

    This has been an evocative and remarkable occasion to every Sienan. And this has been an expression on how every Dominican and Sienan gave tribute to the two eminent persons who played a great part in improving the community and strengthening laymen’s faith in God. Lets’ always keep in our minds their important works and try to emulate them as we walk through our journey to eternal life. Long live Mother Francisca Del Espiritu Santo de Fuentes and Saint Dominic, two faithful beings who live in accordance to the true image of Christ.

    Created by:
    Kenneth Ray Ceñido, BSBA
  • RiaLalinca October 2011
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